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Photo of Jack R. Smith, Ph.D., Interim State Superintendent of Schools

A Message from the Interim State Superintendent of Schools

Welcome to the 2015 Maryland Report Card website. We are pleased to share the most current information available to help our stakeholders measure student achievement in all 24 districts from year to year.

Throughout the 2015 Maryland Report Card, you will find information about the new Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) assessments, as well as Maryland School Assessment (MSA) Science and High School Assessment (HSA) highlights.  Graduation, demographic, enrollment, and attendance data, and other supporting facts are also available.

Because the State is transitioning to new assessments, there will be revisions to Maryland’s accountability program. The new assessments this year provide important baseline information, which will help us measure student growth in future years.

We will continue to update 2015 data as it becomes available throughout the year. I encourage you to review the data and let us know what other data sets you would find helpful in measuring student success.

On behalf of all of our educators and students, I encourage and appreciate your continued engagement as we work to strengthen every classroom and every school in Maryland.

Jack R. Smith, Ph.D.

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